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‘Units’ in this database are national-level organisations which perform public functions under public authority. These include government departments, agencies, and commercial state-owned enterprises. For further details on the types of organisations included in the database, see the what we have done and why document.

Units can be searched by name, legal form, function, policy area, or date. On each unit’s page, information is available including dates of activity, alternate names, relevant legislation, related units, related events. and also data on characteristics such as legal form, policy area, function, accountability mechanisms, location, and parent bodies. For further details on the data recorded about each unit, see the Codebook

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Department of Social Welfare1947-01-221997-07-11MINISTERS AND SECRETARIES (AMENDMENT) ACT, 1946; S.I. No. 307/1997; http://www.welfare.ie/
National Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee1998-11-20McGauran et al. 2005; Housing (Traveller Accomodation) Act 1998; S.I. No. 448/1998
Comhairle2000-06-122007-03-30Became Citizens Information Board in 2007Comhairle Act, 2000; Citizens Information Act 2007; S.I. No. 141/2007
Department of Social and Family Affairs2002-06-202010-05-02http://www.welfare.ie/; S.I. No. 310/2002; S.I. No. 186/2010
Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs1997-07-122002-06-19S.I. No. 307/1997; S.I. No. 310 of 2002; http://www.welfare.ie/
Area Development Management Ltd.1992-10-142005-07-01McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.pobal.ie/; Dáil Éireann - Volume 458 - 21 November, 1995--Written Answers. - Establishment of ADM; Dáil Éireann - Volume 663 - 14 October, 2008--Written Answers. - Departmental Agencies
Pobal2005-07-01Previously known as Area Development Management Limited (est. in 1992): ADM was established following the second national social partnership agreement, the Programme for Economic and Social Progress (PESP), 1991-1993. In 2005 the company changed its name to Pobalhttp://www.pobal.ie/; Dáil Éireann - Volume 663 - 14 October, 2008--Written Answers. - Departmental Agencies
Directorate for Asylum Support Services1999-11-012001-04-02Merged w/ Refugee Agency to form the Reception and Integration Agency in 2001. Before November 1999 the Eastern Health Board was responsible for the provision of accommodation for asylum seekers. Dáil Éireann - Volume 528 - 12 December, 2000--Written Answers. - Accommodation for Asylum Seekers; Dáil Éireann - Volume 532 - 06 March, 2001--Written Answers. - Asylum Support Services; http://www.ria.gov.ie/
Pyrite Resolution Board 2014-01-10Pyrite Resolution Act 2013; http://www.pyriteboard.ie/
The Irish Sailors and Soldiers Land Trust1923-07-161987-01-01The Irish Sailors and Soldiers Land Trust was a body established under the Irish Free State (Consequential Provisions) Act, 1922 (UK). This body was tasked with 'providing in Ireland cottages, with or without plots or gardens, for the accommodation of men who served in any of His Majesty's naval, military, or air forces in the late war, and for other purposes incidental thereto'. The Saorstát Éireann Land Trust Powers Act 1923 enabled the Trust, subject to certain conditions, to 'acquire and hold land in Saorstát Eireann and such other powers as may be necessary to enable the Trust to carry out in Saorstát Eireann the purposes of [the UK legislation]'. Under the UK legislation, the Trust was comprised of 5 members, 3 of whom were appointed by a British Secretary of State, 1 of whom was appointed by the President of the Executive Council of Saorstát Éireann and 1 of whom was appointed by the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. A winding up the Trust appears to have been carried out in 1987 and excess monies were divided between the Governments. Irish Free State (Consequential Provisions) Act, 1922(13 Geo. 5 Session 2), Ch. 2; Land Trust Powers Act 1923 (No. 25 of 1923); Irish Sailors and Soldiers Land Trust Act 1987, ch. 48; Irish Sailors and Soldiers Land Trust Act 1988 (No. 33 of 1988)