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‘Units’ in this database are national-level organisations which perform public functions under public authority. These include government departments, agencies, and commercial state-owned enterprises. For further details on the types of organisations included in the database, see the what we have done and why document.

Units can be searched by name, legal form, function, policy area, or date. On each unit’s page, information is available including dates of activity, alternate names, relevant legislation, related units, related events. and also data on characteristics such as legal form, policy area, function, accountability mechanisms, location, and parent bodies. For further details on the data recorded about each unit, see the Codebook

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Adoption Board1953-01-012010-11-01Replaced by Adoption Authority of Ireland McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.aai.gov.ie/; Adoption Act 1952; S.I. No. 380/1952; Adoption Act 2010
Department of Social Welfare1947-01-221997-07-11MINISTERS AND SECRETARIES (AMENDMENT) ACT, 1946; S.I. No. 307/1997; http://www.welfare.ie/
Crisis Pregnancy Agency2001-10-022010-01-01Absorbed into HSE as HSE Crisis Pregnancy ProgrammeMcGauran et al. 2005; http://www.crisispregnancy.ie/; S.I. No. 446/2001; Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009; S.I. No. 543/2009
National Children's Advisory Council2001-05-01Was established as part of the National Children's StrategyMcGauran et al. 2005; http://www.dcya.gov.ie/viewdoc.asp?fn=%2Fdocuments%2FNational_Childrens_Advisory_Council_.htm
Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education2002-10-312008-11-30Funding ceased 30 November 2008 as a result of a Government decision to rationalise State Agencies in the context of Budget 2009http://www.cecde.ie/, http://www.budget.gov.ie/(Annex D, 2009)
Family Support Agency2003-05-062014-01-01McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.fsa.ie/; Family Support Agency Act 2001; Child and Family Agency Act 2013
Office of the Ombudsman for Children2003-12-18http://www.oco.ie/; Ombudsman for Children Act 2002; S.I. No. 712/2003
Residential Institutions Redress Board2002-12-16The Redress Board was set up under the Residential Institutions Redress Act, 2002 to make fair and reasonable awards to persons who, as children, were abused while resident in industrial schools, reformatories and other institutions subject to state regulation or inspection.McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.rirb.ie/; Residential Institutions Redress Act 2002
Comhairle2000-06-122007-03-30Became Citizens Information Board in 2007Comhairle Act, 2000; Citizens Information Act 2007; S.I. No. 141/2007
Department of Health and Children1997-07-122011-06-04http://www.dohc.ie/; S.I. No. 308/1997; S.I. No. 219/2011
Department of Social and Family Affairs2002-06-202010-05-02http://www.welfare.ie/; S.I. No. 310/2002; S.I. No. 186/2010
Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs1997-07-122002-06-19S.I. No. 307/1997; S.I. No. 310 of 2002; http://www.welfare.ie/
Area Development Management Ltd.1992-10-142005-07-01McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.pobal.ie/; Dáil Éireann - Volume 458 - 21 November, 1995--Written Answers. - Establishment of ADM; Dáil Éireann - Volume 663 - 14 October, 2008--Written Answers. - Departmental Agencies
Pobal2005-07-01Previously known as Area Development Management Limited (est. in 1992): ADM was established following the second national social partnership agreement, the Programme for Economic and Social Progress (PESP), 1991-1993. In 2005 the company changed its name to Pobalhttp://www.pobal.ie/; Dáil Éireann - Volume 663 - 14 October, 2008--Written Answers. - Departmental Agencies
Social Services Inspectorate1999-04-012007-04-21The SSI was administered by the Department of Health and Children (DoHC) until May 2007, when it was established on a statutory basis as the Office of the Chief Inspector of Social Services within the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA). Health Act 2007; http://web.archive.org/web/20060108031204/http://www.issi.ie/; Dail Eireann - Volume 554 - 09 October, 2002--Written Answers. - Social Services Inspectorate
Special Residential Services Board2003-11-072007-07-23Became the Children Acts Advisory BoardMcGauran et al. 2005; Children Act 2001; Child Care (Amendment) Act 2007; http://www.caab.ie/
Children Acts Advisory Board2007-07-232011-09-08Change of name from the Special Residential Services Board which was established on a statutory basis in 2003. Child Care (Amendment) Act 2007; Child Care (Amendment) Act 2011; S.I. No. 453/2011; http://www.caab.ie/
National Social Service Board (II)1984-07-192000-06-12Replaced by ComhairleNational Social Service Board Act, 1984; S.I. No. 185/1984; S.I. No. 19/1988; Comhairle Act, 2000
National Community Development Agency1982-12-081984-07-19Replaced National Social Service Board (I); Replaced by National Social Service Board (II)National Community Development Agency Act, 1982; National Social Service Board Act, 1984
Social Welfare Appeals Office1990-09-01Set up under the Programme for Government 1989-1993McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.socialwelfareappeals.ie/; Dáil Éireann - Volume 399 - 29 May, 1990--Written Answers. - Social Welfare Appeals Office
Adoption Authority of Ireland2010-11-01Adoption Act 2010; http://www.aai.gov.ie/; 'New Adoption Authority Appointed' Irish Times, 1 November 2010
Department of Children and Youth Affairs2011-06-022020-10-15Succeeded by Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. Certain youth justice functions also transferred to Department of Justice (II)http://www.dcya.gov.ie/; S.I. No. 214/2011; S.I. No. 437/2020; S.I. No. 435/2020
Child and Family Agency2014-01-01http://www.tusla.ie/; Child and Family Agency Act 2013; Press Release; Issued on Behalf of the Newly Established Children and Family Agency, 1 January 2014, http:/​/​www.dcya.gov.ie/​viewdoc.asp?fn=/​documents/​HSE_CFA_Press_Release20140101.htm
Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth2020-10-15Replaced Department of Children and Youth AffairsS.I. No. 437/2020; https://www.gov.ie/en/organisation/department-of-children-equality-disability-integration-and-youth/
An Ghníomhaireacht um Fhoréigean Baile, Gnéasach agus Inscnebhunaithe2024-01-01Cuan is tasked with planning, coordinating and monitoring the development of refuge accommodation for victims of domestic, sexual or gender-based violence, and to perform related functionsDomestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Agency Act 2023 (No. 31 of 2023); S.I. No. 668/2023; https://www.gov.ie/en/press-release/1da52-minister-mcentee-opens-cuan-the-new-statutory-domestic-sexual-and-gender-based-violence-agency/