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‘Units’ in this database are national-level organisations which perform public functions under public authority. These include government departments, agencies, and commercial state-owned enterprises. For further details on the types of organisations included in the database, see the what we have done and why document.

Units can be searched by name, legal form, function, policy area, or date. On each unit’s page, information is available including dates of activity, alternate names, relevant legislation, related units, related events. and also data on characteristics such as legal form, policy area, function, accountability mechanisms, location, and parent bodies. For further details on the data recorded about each unit, see the Codebook

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Postgraduate Medical and Dental Board1980-03-072009-01-01Replaced former non-statuatory Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education. Absorbed into HSE in 2009.McGauran et al. 2005; Medical Practitioners Act 1978; Medical Practitioners Act 2007; S.I. No. 555/2008
Dental Council1985-11-13McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/; The Dentists Act 1985
Health Research Board1986-08-14Amalgamation of the Medico-Social Research Board and the Medical Research Council of IrelandMcGauran et al. 2005; http://www.hrb.ie/; S.I. No.279/1986; S.I. No.452/1986; S.I. No.115/2002; S.I. No.205/2002
Medico-Social Research Board1965-04-151986-01-01Merged with Medical Research Council of Ireland in 1986 to form the Health Research BoardHealth (Corporate Bodies) Act 1961; S.I. No. 80/1965; S.I. No. 169/1974; S.I. No.279/1986; S.I. No. 450/1986; S.I. No. 452/1986; http://www.hrb.ie/
Medical Research Council of Ireland1937-01-261986-10-31Dissolved to form Medical Research Board, which merged with Medico-Social Research Board into Health Research BoardS.I. No. 371/1986; S.I. No. 451 & 452/1986; http://www.hrb.ie/; FitzGerald, 1963; IPA Yearbook
National Cancer Registry1991-02-04McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.ncri.ie/; S.I. No. 19/1991; S.I. No. 293/1996
Food Safety Authority of Ireland1998-01-01McGauran et al. 2005; www.fsai.ie/; Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act 1998
Institute of Public Health in Ireland1999-11-22CRO lists creation date as 01/10/2002McGauran et al. 2005; http://www.publichealth.ie/; Press release Dept of Health & Children (22/11/99)
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland1784-02-11Founded in 1784 as the national training body for surgery in IrelandMcGauran et al. 2005; www.rcsi.ie; The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Charter Amendment) Act 1965 (No. 1 (Private) of 1965); Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Charters Amendment) Act 2003 (No. 1 (Private) of 2003)
Health Service Employers Agency1996-07-152005-01-01Absorbed into HSEMcGauran et al. 2005; S.I. No. 213/1996; Health Act 2004
Medical Research Board1986-10-311987-01-01This body was created to take over from the Medical Research Council of Ireland when it was dissolved on 31 October 1986. It was merged into the newly formed Health Research Board shortly thereafter.S.I. No. 371/1986; S.I. No. 451 & 452/1986
Office of Tobacco Control2002-05-012011-01-01Set up on an administrative basis in late 2000 pending legislation and received statutory status in 01/05/2002, with the enactment of section 2 of the Public Health (Tobacco) Act, 2002; subsumed into the HSE on January 1, 2011McGauran et al. 2005; Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2002; Public Health (Tobacco) (Amendment) Act 2010
Department of Health and Children1997-07-122011-06-04http://www.dohc.ie/; S.I. No. 308/1997; S.I. No. 219/2011
Health Education Bureau1975-01-301987-12-31S.I. No. 22/1975; S.I. No. 324/1987
Health Service Executive2005-01-01Prior to 2004, services were delivered through a complex structure of ten regional Health Boards, the Eastern Regional Health Authority and a number of other agencies and organizationsHealth Act 2004; http://www.hse.ie/
National Ambulance Advisory Council1998-02-042000-04-10Replaced by Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council in 2000S.I. No. 27/1998; S.I. No. 108/2000
Office for Health Gain1994-01-012005-01-01Health Act 2004; McGauran et al. 2005
Office for Health Management1997-06-012005-01-01McGauran et al. 2005; Health Act 2004; OHM Annual reports, available at https://pnd.hseland.ie/corp/ohmpublications/ohmpublications.html, and newsletter at https://pnd.hseland.ie/corp/ohmpublications/newsletter/20050315163637.html
National Disease Surveillance Centre1998-10-012005-01-01Name change in 2005 to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre as part of its move into the Health Service ExecutiveMcGauran et al. 2005; SI 151/2000; SI 865/2004; http://web.archive.org/web/20001216224100/www.ndsc.ie/who_is_ndsc.htm; Written Answers. - National Disease Surveillance Centre. Wednesday, 24 May 2000, Dáil Eireann Debate, Vol. 519 No. 6
Consultative Cancer Council1948-04-081949-07-05S.I. No. 125/1948; Dáil Éireann - Volume 118 - 16 November, 1949--Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Cancer Consultative Council.; Dáil Éireann - Volume 123 - 06 December, 1950--Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Council of Health
Healthcare Pricing Office2014-01-01From 1st January 2014 the National Casemix Programme and the Health Research and Information Division at the ESRI became the Healthcare Pricing Office (HPO).http://www.hpo.ie/
Medical Scientists Registration Board2016-10-17www.coru.ie; Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005; S.I. No. 531/2016