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Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority

An tÚdarás Rialála Comhlachtaí Tithíochta Ceadaithe

- still active

The general functions of the Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority ('the Regulator') are to: (a) establish and maintain a register of approved housing bodies (AHBs); (b) register persons as AHBs; (c) prepare draft standards for approval by the Minister and publish the approved standards; (d) monitor and assess compliance by AHBs, in particular the approved standards; (e) carry out investigations; (f) protect tenants and AHBs and cancel the registration of AHBs; (g) encourage and facilitate the better governance, administration and management, including corporate governance and financial management, of AHBs by the provision of such information and advice, in such form and manner, as the Regulator considers appropriate; (h) with a view to promoting awareness and understanding, make available such information as appears to the Regulator to be expedient to give to the public; (i) collect such information concerning AHBs as the Regulator considers necessary and appropriate for the purposes of the performance of the Regulator’s functions; and (j) publish such information (including statistical information) concerning AHBs as the Regulator considers appropriate