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‘Events’ describe the changes which units undergo. They describe structural changes, such as instances where units are created or terminated, and also instances where major transfers of functions take place. Merge, Absorption, and Secession are among the event types captured in the database.

Events can be searched by event name, unit, event type, linkage with other events, unit function, or date. Within each event’s listing, there are links to the units involved and any relevant legislation. Groups of related events, such as large-scale departmental reorganisations, can be viewed together through Linkages. For further details, see the Codebook

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S.I. No. 11/1980 (Transport)S.I. No. 11/19801980-01-25ReplacementDepartmental Reorganization 1980
S.I. No. 10/1980 (Industry, Commerce and Tourism)S.I. No. 10/19801980-01-23ReplacementDepartmental Reorganization 1980
S.I. No. 1/1980 (Economic Planning)S.I. No. 1/19801980-01-01Transfer of FunctionDepartmental Reorganization 1980
S.I. No. 12/1980 (Economic Planning)S.I. No. 12/19801980-01-21ReplacementDepartmental Reorganization 1980
S.I. No. 9/1980 (Energy)S.I. No. 9/19801980-01-22Transfer of FunctionDepartmental Reorganization 1980
S.I. No. 8/1980 (Tourism)S.I. No. 8/19801980-01-24Transfer of FunctionDepartmental Reorganization 1980