Tea Importers Ltd

Start Date: 1958
End Date: 2 July 1973
Source: Tea (Purchase and Importation) Act, 1958; Aylmer, D., 'Tea for the Irish' in the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, Jun. 1999; Seanad Éireann - Volume 49 - 16 April, 1958--Tea (Purchase and Importation) Bill, 1957—Second Stage; 'Jessel taking stake in Tea Importers group' Irish Independent, 3 July 1973; 'Tea Importers (1958) Limited' Announcement, The Irish Press, 4 October, 1973
Description: Replaced Tea Importers (Eire) Ltd.; disbanded in 1973 to conform to EEC regulations - large shareholdings were sold and the resulting company was restructured as the Irish Bank of Commerce Ltd.
Confidence: Very confident
URLs: http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/1958/en/act/pub/0005/index.html
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