Building Regulations Advisory Body

Start Date: 4 December 1991
End Date: 13 June 2012
Source: McGauran et al. 2005; http:/​/​​en/​DevelopmentandHousing/​BuildingStandards/​BRAB/​; Building Control Act 1990; S.I. No.2/2002; http:/​/​​en/​debates/​question/​2013-01-16/​840; http:/​/​​wrans/​?id=2017-05-09a.576
Description: Was re-appointed for a five-year term in January 2002 by S.I. No.2/2002. The Minister appointed the final BRAB on 14th June 2007 for a period of 5 years, expiring on 13th June 2012. BRAB was subsumed into the Department.
Confidence: Very confident
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