Name: Teastas
Type: Birth
Date: 1 September 1995
Source: https://http:/​/​www.oireachtas.ie/​en/​debates/​debate/​dail/​1996-10-22/​193/​?highlight%5B0%5D=teastas&highlight%5B1%5D=teastas; https://http:/​/​www.irishtimes.com/​news/​education/​the-teastas-report-1.128991; Qualifications (Education and Training) Act 1999 (No. 26 of 1999); S.I. No. 57/2001
Description: Teastas (the Irish National Certification Authority) was established on a non-statutory interim basis in September 1995. This was pending the enactment of new legislation formally establishing the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland, FETAC and HETAC, following the 'Teastas report' in 1998

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