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Office of the Postmaster General Chubb 1970 22 April 1922 Birth Establishment of Ministries and Offices 1922

Office of the Attorney General 1922 Chubb 1970 9 September 1922 Replacement Ministerial Reorganisation 1922

Office of the Chairman of the Provisional Government Chubb 1970 10 January 1922 Birth Establishment of Ministries and Offices 1922

Oils and Fats (Eire) Ltd Dáil Éireann - Vol... 18 February 1944 Birth
Office of the Minister for the Co-ordination of Defensive Measures Dáil Éireann - Vol... 18 June 1945 Absorption
Office for Health Gain Dáil Éireann - Vol... 1994 Birth
Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government http://www.chiefscie... 2004 Birth
Office for Internet Safety http://www.internets... March 2008 Birth
Ordnance Survey Ireland 1824 Birth
Office for Social Inclusion http://www.socialinc... December 2002 Birth