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Office for Health Gain Dáil Éireann - Vol... 1994 Birth
Office for Health Management https://pnd.hseland.... June 1997 Birth
Office for Internet Safety http://www.internets... March 2008 Birth
Office for Internet Safety​en... 30 June 2019 Absorption
Office for Social Inclusion http://www.socialinc... December 2002 Birth
Office for Social Inclusion Social Inclusion Div... July 2009 Absorption
Office of Health Management https://pnd.hseland.... 1 January 2005 Absorption
Office of Public Works http:/​/​ 1 August 1831 Birth
Office of the Attorney General 1922 Chubb 1970 9 September 1922 Replacement Ministerial Reorganisation 1922

Office of the Chairman of the Provisional Government Chubb 1970 10 January 1922 Birth Establishment of Ministries and Offices 1922