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National Insurance Act 1911 National Insurance A... 1911 Birth
National Lottery Act 1986 National Lottery Act... 29 September 1986 Birth
National Lottery Act 2013 National Lottery Act... 27 February 2014 Privatization
National Lottery Act 2013 (Regulator of the National Lottery) National Lottery Act... 27 February 2014 Birth
National Manpower Service Labour Services Act,... June 1971 Birth
National Mass-Radiography Association Limited Seanad Éireann - Vo... 1950 Birth
National Monuments Act 1930 National Monuments A... 2 August 1930 Birth
National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence Dáil Éireann - Vol... 25 June 2007 Birth
National Oil Reserves Agency http:/​/​​ 22 February 1995 Secession
National Organisation for Rehabilitation Dáil Éireann - Vol... November 1955 Birth